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This is where we will post all of the latest news about what our Digital Leaders have been up to.

Our Digital Leaders are:

Viktoria – I love animals, hopefully one day technology will be a part of my job as a vet.

Romi – I am the gaming expert.

Valentins – I love everything about computers, especially gaming and coding.

Ebony – As a digital leader I am looking forward to helping other people.

Kenzie – I love art and am looking forward to finding cool software to make digital art.

Emma – I also love art. I love taking photos.

Posts from Digital Leaders

Update – 17th November
Published: 20/11/2017

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Meet our Digital Leaders
Published: 14/11/2017

After a very difficult decision our first 6 Digital Leaders have been chosen. Today we had our first meeting where we discussed our job and what we would like to achieve this year as Digital Leaders. Here you can see the padlet of ideas.  

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