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Easter in P5
Published: 06/04/2017

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Outdoor Science in P5
Published: 06/04/2017

P5 made the most of the recent spell of lovely weather and took our science experiments outside. We investigated the effect that the friction of different surfaces had on our shoes using force meters and measuring in Newtons. We also carried out three experiments using toy cars and ramps – we investigated the effect that the height […]

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P1/2N and P5 collaboration
Published: 06/04/2017

This term P1/2N have been learning about transport and P5 have been learning about forces in science. Last week they came together to build balloon powered vehicles. All of the groups worked brilliantly together and after some trail and error we were able to have some races along the top corridor. Check out the video […]

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Joe Wicks HIIT workout
Published: 29/03/2017

On Tuesday P1/2N, P4/5, P5 and P7 children (and their teachers!) took part in a live HIIT workout with Joe Wicks (a.k.a. the Body Coach). HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training where you work really hard for a certain period of time and then rest before starting again. It is a great way to […]

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Published: 28/03/2017

Yesterday we had our first match against Banavie. It was a great match with a final score at 9-9. We have lots of matches planned for after Easter.

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Red Nose Day 2017
Published: 24/03/2017

We have had a lot of fun celebrating Red Nose Day 2017 and have raised £500 so far…we are still counting! There was face painting, a cake stall and some children shared jokes in assembly. We managed to fill a MASSIVE red nose with money and we took part in a dance off. We added […]

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