Building Foundations for the Future

Parent Council

Our Parent Council Office Bearers are as follows: –

  • Chairperson – Mr Hugh Wright
  • Vice Chairperson – Mrs Gina Hough
  • Secretary – Mrs Wendy Lev
  • Treasurer – Mrs Erica Hollas

The work of the Parent Council has evolved over the last year and there are different ways parents could come and help out. You can be involved in this, without having to join the Parent Council Committee, please just come and find out.

New projects   

The Parent Council has set up and runs the Youth Club on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They need volunteers and workers to help out. The organisation and support is in place – we need people to come and get involved.

Events and fundraising

We need help to organise and run the school events programme and fundraising activities for the children. Halloween Disco, Christmas and Summer Fayres, Bingo Nights, Race Nights, all ideas are welcome, but again we need people to come and help out.

Parent voice

The Parent Council is your opportunity to give your opinion about the work of the school and how we might develop in the future. Homework, how we report to parents, outdoor play and learning… come and tell us what you think.

If you would like to help or have an issue or idea for the Parent Council please contact Hugh Wright on  

Minutes 2017-18

minutes 15.1.18

Head Teacher Report


Minutes 2016-17

Constitution for Lundavra Parent Council

AGM Invitation Letter




Below is a link to our Standards and Quality Report for 2016. This sets out the work we have done as a school this year to improve and also sets out areas for development next year.

SQ Profile May 2016