Building Foundations for the Future

You said, we did!

In this section we will summarise the actions we have taken as a school in response to parental feedback. Thank you for making your views known!

In 2015-16 we have:

  • Simplified the Homework Diaries for next year
  • Linked the school website to Facebook┬áto allow parents to receive regular updates
  • Used the local supplier LEAP to provide the school uniform so it is easily available all year
  • Put all the extra-curricular clubs and the timetable on the website calendar so parents can check when clubs are on
  • Contacted Highlife Highland and asked them to use Lundavra as a venue for their activities – two football clubs starting February 2016
  • Organised Reading and maths workshops for parents in p1/2 and P2/3. EAL Parent Workshop in April 2016

In 2016-17 we have:

  • Introduced ongoing reporting to provide parents with more relevant, up to date progress reports on how your child is doing in school
  • Worked with the Parent Council to develop after school Youth Club provision for P4-7’s for two days a week