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Chromebook 1-1 Devices

We are delighted to say that in partnership with the Highland Council ICT in Learning Team, we have been provided with Chromebook devices for 1-1 learning for the P5, P6 and P7 pupils. We will start to use them with our P5-7 Pupils this term. This is part of the Highland Council’s commitment to ensure that pupils have appropriate access to technology for their learning. Dell 11

The devices we have been provided with are called Chromebooks, they are small, robust touchscreen laptop style devices. They have school level filtered internet access and can be used for creating documents, working on joint projects and browsing. They are only for use in school at this stage, but in the future we will consider, in partnership with you, if they may be allowed home for use for their learning.

We have access to computers, laptops and tablets for all our pupils in Lundavra Primary but these are shared across all year groups. This opportunity has provided devices specifically for each of the P5-7 pupils to support their learning.

Please click on the links below for more information about how we will develop the use of ICT in learning.


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