Building Foundations for the Future




At Lundavra we want a curriculum that will:

  • Create a warm and welcoming atmosphere where children feel included and respected
  • Encourage all children to aim for excellence in everything they do
  • Make learning fun, active and challenging so everyone can achieve their best
  • Encourage independence, responsibility and active participation in both school life and that of the wider community
  • Value everyone’s qualities while promoting and maintaining the highest expectations of attitude and attendance
  • Aim to equip all learners with the skills necessary for life in the future


  • We want a curriculum that will raise standards by developing an interest and enthusiasm for learning.
  • We want a curriculum that uses technology creatively to support learning. We aim to provide anytime, anyplace use of technology in learning.
  • We want a primary curriculum which develops a rigorous interdisciplinary approach. We know that topic and thematic work is the way to interest young children but wanted to replace the weaknesses of earlier thematic work with rigour and structure.
  • We want a curriculum which develops pupil’s creative approaches to learning whilst raising standards. Eg Imagination is developed, pupils are encouraged to come up with their own ‘original’ way of doing something, Pupils evaluate their work in relation to success criteria, Think of next steps to improve their work
  • We want a curriculum in which children are challenged to think deeply about their learning through; the development of independent learning opportunities, the use of ‘big’ questioning and a skills based approach to learning.
  • We want to develop learning in different ways; out of doors, through play, in small groups, through art music and sport, by listening, watching and doing.

Lundavra Curriculum Framework