Building Foundations for the Future

Digital Learning

Lundavra Primary – the vision – to transform the way Digital Learning is used to support Learning and Teaching.


Lundavra Primary has a wireless network accessible both within the building and also in the outside grounds. Our aim is to develop our approaches to the use of ICT in learning to allow:

  • Anywhere, anytime learning for everyone
  • Creative use of technology in Learning
  • Efficient, effective use of resources

We will work to develop the Highland vision for ICT and try and equip learners with the devices, skills and knowledge to use technology appropriately, creatively and safely. Click on the link below to see our Action Plan for ICT.



Google Reference School

We have been invited to become a Google Reference School for our work in using GSuite tools and chromebooks to enhance learning and teaching. We are delighted to have been recognised for our use of Google for Education tools in creative, innovative ways in the classroom. Have a look at our journey below.

Digital Learning In Action

Below are some examples of the ways that children use Digital Learning throughout the school.